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I am horrible at planning meals and cooking. I contacted Stacy because I am expecting my third baby and life is about to get busier. She supplied me with great recipes and recommended different way of offering meals to my picky little eaters. We have started eating out less and prepping more. I have made meals that I Never thought I would attempt to. Very pleased with the service!


Stacy at The Meals Maven has been such a wonderful resource and support for implementing healthy change in my family’s life. Before we started working together my son and I would eat out so often he wouldn’t eat the food I DID cook those nights I tried to make dinner. I felt so frustrated and defeated. But with her guidance I am proud to say we are now eating home-cooked meals 6 nights a week, and sometimes he even helps me cook. She showed me how simple, easy, and effective weekly meal planning can be. I feel so capable and relieved now when I think about meal planning and I highly recommend her.


After working with Stacy of The Meals Maven last winter, I feel in charge, capable, and creative. I find myself pulling out her tips and tricks to keep me eating well and on budget even when I’m running busy with work. She has changed the way I look at food, and dinner times are much more organized and enjoyable for both myself and my son. I no longer feel frustrated, hopeless, and clueless about grocery shopping and meal planning. I know that no matter what life throws at me I’ll be able to meet it head-on because my food is supporting me better then take-out ever did. I loved working with Stacy and strongly suggest that you do the same when you find yourself struggling with how you approach meal planning and the food you eat.

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