Not a day has gone by in the last few months where my second son tells me, “Mom, the world is a really weird place right now”…and he’s right.

This pandemic life has turned everything we knew and understood and took for granted upside down. Coping in a healthy way with this stress now is a life skill we need to teach our young ones so they can learn how to cope with stress as adults. Quality of life is a big part of our coping mechanisms. Maybe we can’t do all the things we used to do, but what can we do to feel well today?

For my kids, these are the Top 5 Quality of Life markers I’m putting into place this #pandemicsummer:

  1. Eat vegetables with every meal, if possible (ok, it’s a work in progress)
  2. Carry your water bottle, and drink water all day
  3. Go outside sometimes- take a screen break
  4. Savour your junk food- slow down and appreciate it
  5. Have a hotdog but eat some chili too

It’s all about balance, making sure they feel like they get enough of what they want (screen time and junk food), balanced with what I want them to have- fresh air, water, vegetables, home-cooked healthy meals.

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Be well,