Have you ever scoffed when coming across an article that states “Picky Kid Approved” like some sort of badge of honour?
“Ha!” you might think, “They don’t know MY kid!”

I hear you. Seriously, there is NO one-size-fits-all recipe. The only way this claim makes sense is if your kid is exactly picky in the right way OR to take that recipe and adapt it in a way that works for YOUR specific picky kid.

My second son loves turkey burgers exactly the way I make them. Would yours? Hard to say. But if you jump over to my Facebook page (like it and share it, too!) there’s a recipe posted for our favourite turkey burger recipe. If you think “My kid will never eat that!”…

Comment on my post. Tell me why you think they won’t eat that, and I promise I will break down that recipe for you to help you figure out how you might have a fighting chance to make it work.

My recipes are stuffed full of things to help get some extra nutrition into our picky kids. Because when their eating is so limited, there might be holes in their diet. My aim is to help fill those holes.

Be well, friends!