Watermelon is one of the things we look forward to every summer. Both boys do too…but my second son is still selective in how he chooses to eat his.
When I sliced it up for him the way the way I eat it, on the rind, looking like a triangle, he left half the fruit sitting there uneaten because “it doesn’t taste good close to the rind”.
Ok. Fair enough. I disagree, but is this the hill I want to die on?
Not so much.
I care about him eating it, not about how he eats it. Cut up into chunks and eaten with a fork is just fine. What matters the most is that our kids make the effort to food, not necessarily that they eat it exactly the same way we do. Honestly, we all have unique food journeys and how we get there is a toss of the coin. If he wanted to mash the watermelon with a fork or drink it like juice or freeze it like a popsicle that would be fine too. If they flavour is getting into his mouth and he eats some of it- no matter how much of it- it’s a win. I will take those wins over a power struggle every day. How about you?