This is high praise when coming from a #pickykid. Never mind that you’re probably the ONLY cooker they ever knew!

How does your little eater convey how much they love your food? I mean, sometimes your dinners don’t quite meet the mark- they can’t, if your kid is a #pickyeater. But when you do hit that sweet spot, how do they tell you?

Let’s increase your star power, shall we?
Do this exercise and then…report back to me! If you’d like. I’d love to celebrate with you.

First, ask them what they want you to make for dinner. My son’s first answer NOW is pizza, so he gets disappointed a lot. I have yet to find the “right” pepperoni, and that’s the only kind of pizza he eats right now.

But back when he used to ask for burgers, my second question was…

 “what kind of burgers?” He could choose from turkey or “normal” (those being some version of beef with the possibility of pork or venison)

The third questions to ask is…what kind of vegetable or fruit do you want to eat with that?

And, voila- a perfectly balanced dinner planned with peace, curiosity, and happiness.

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Be well, friends.