About Picky Kid Mom

You’ve nurtured and cherished this child.

You brought them into the world with unbelievable joy and extraordinary angst.
You fed them when they needed you, rocked them when you needed them, cuddled in close and inhaled that sweet baby scent.

You think to yourself, “This is perfect, don’t ever change…you’re perfect”.

Until that perfect child starts on solids and you eat your words
It might have happened right away…
Or maybe it took a while…
But suddenly nothing you feed them is right.
Gone are the days of eager anticipation of food,
The hungry reach for the spoon when you took too long to feed them;
stealing food off your plate…

Like a switch was flicked, your child won’t eat
(And you don’t understand what happened)

Oh mama, I’ve been there.
For 16 years…and counting…
My eldest started his own picky journey before he even started solids.
And my second son got into it when he turned 2.
I so totally get your frustration.
I’ve felt that judgement too (like the time I begged my eldest to eat a fry at McDonalds, because something new was a REALLY big deal, even if it was a fast-food fry)
I’m yours. I’m here to help.

I’ve been in this space, helping out mamas just like you
(Just like me)

I helped them develop a win/win/win healthy eating strategy…
Not like the ones you buy that never worked anyway. Those ones built by someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be parenting a picky kid.
No, those ones will never work for you.
(I tried them too)
But this one will. It’s yours. It flows with your life. It melts objections like that ice cream your kid won’t eat with a spoon.

You’re tired of food drama, and you’re ready for peace.
(It’s so close, can you taste it?)

It’s sweet and satisfying like the brownie your kid thought was too chocolatey.
No more power struggles…
Your kids tell you about their day as they eat dinner…

When food gets figured out, everything else falls into place
(You’ll learn my secret to building a triple-win healthy eating strategy…The exact ways my eldest went from picky to adventurous).

You’ll also discover…
-how to build in flexibility with your meals
-how to take a day off cooking when you just can’t adult anymore
-how to open up your time to do more of what you want to do
-how to find money you didn’t think you had
…and much more

I believe food should never be a fight.
Our kids have enough stuff to learn about and get through on their way to adulthood. Let’s keep food issues off the list.
I believe food should taste good.
Let’s stop eating food we don’t love. Enough already. No more settling.
I believe food has the power to give us life and energy.
Let’s stop dragging ourselves around and barely making it through the day. Let’s get up and thrive in this life. Let’s show our kids what that’s like.
I believe YOU can make a change in how you and your family approach food.
And I know I’m the one to take you there.

All you have to do is say “yes” to yourself.
Say “yes” to a thriving future.

Are You Ready?

Take the leap right now and start your picky kid down the path to adventurous eating and a thriving future.

I can’t wait to see you there!

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