I haven’t written about #pickykid stuff very often. My eldest is really sensitive about online info referring to him, and I’ve been “too busy” making life happen over the years since my second son was born. But now…with all of us in self-quarantine over Covid-19, there’s suddenly, magically, time to write. And bake. Generally speaking, I don’t bake. I don’t love it like I love to cook, and to be honest I’d rather scrub our toilet than bake. But now I have the extra time, so today I made brownies.

I first discovered this recipe for brownie mix when I was making up a housewarming gift for someone. I love the idea of brownie mix because it’s so quick to make a batch and requires very little time and effort, both wins when it comes to making a batch.

Look how beautiful they are!

But my second son took a bite and said to me, “sadly, I can’t eat them. They’re too chocolatey”.

And there you have it, folks. This is pretty much the story of my life since I first became a mom, almost 17 years ago. And so, pickykidmom, my sister business to The Meals Maven, was born. Welcome to my family! I’m so happy you’re here! I can’t wait to hear your stories and share in your successes and empathize with you in your #unsuccesses…those won’t last forever, I promise.

Together we’ll figure out this #pickykidmom life. I know the struggle is real. Please hop over to Facebook and “like” my page and comment on the post connected to this one- let me know where you are and what your BIG #pickykidstruggle is right now. I look forward to connecting!