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Who Else Wants an End to Food Fights and Frustration?

I’m knee-deep in the middle of the #pickykidlife.

I’ve been here for more than 15 years, but every single day these #pickykids of mine move a little further ahead into adventurous eating.

My eldest is truly adventurous now. He’s almost all the way there. My second son…well, let’s just say he still has some distance to travel.

I do what I do to not only survive but also to thrive- to learn how to get through this stage of parenthood with the most happiness possible and to help those other mamas of picky kids out there thrive through this stage as well.

There’s so much joy to be found when we’re not all fighting over food.

Let’s find that joy and put our focus back on the things that make motherhood more wonderfulthe giggles, the games, the jokes, the fun.

Let’s face it, no two kids are alike. They are all contrary, unique, wonderful… and infuriating. If we can look back on this time and know we did everything we could to help them grow up into thriving and independent adults, we know we did it the right way.

Let’s not just survive together, let’s thrive together.

Let’s figure out a way to help our kids grow up into all their potential, full of life and energy, full of all the promise of a healthy and successful future. I’m in it with you, and I’m here to help.

About Stacy

Over 15 years ago, as a first-time mom, Stacy found herself isolated and alone when her young son started “opting out” of meals she’d prepared for her family. The usual sources of information- parents groups, health units, books, online peer groups, magazines, friends- all provided information appropriate to some picky behaviours but not really relevant to her particular situation.
Resolved to figure it out for herself, Stacy began trial-and-error tests on her eldest child and eventually applied them to his suddenly selective younger brother. After seeing consistent outcomes within her family she started helping clients implement the same principles and practice to work with their little eaters as well. It takes time and patience but it is truly possible to improve your relationship with family at meal times when you apply the right healthy eating strategies.

The Picky Kid Mom Chronicles



So how do you deal with (that sort) of picky kid behaviour? Generally, in my home, I do nothing, really. I remember hearing that my brother chased his kid around the house with a carrot in hand. Not me. I’d rather really enjoy eating my dinner than come back to it later, cranky and bitter because it’s cold and dried out.

 Picky Kid Moms Just Like You

“Stacy at The Meals Maven has been such a wonderful resource and support for implementing healthy change in my family’s life.”

“With her guidance I am proud to say we are now eating home-cooked meals 6 nights a week, and sometimes my son even helps me cook.”

“I feel so capable and relieved now when I think about meal planning and I highly recommend her.”


Mom of a boy

“After working with Stacy of The Meals Maven last winter, I feel in charge, capable, and creative.”

“She has changed the way I look at food, and dinner times are much more organized and enjoyable for both myself and my son.”

“I loved working with Stacy and strongly suggest that you do the same when you find yourself struggling with how you approach meal planning and the food you eat.”


Mom of a boy

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